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7 Best GPS Tracking Devices For Vehicles – Quick Overview

  1. Most accurate vehicle tracking device
  2. Best car gps tracker for smaller budget
  3. Best hidden GPS tracker for car  
  4. Vehicle tracking device with Remote Control 
  5. Plugin car tracking device  
  6. Vehicle Tracking Device plus Driving Behavior Monitoring 
  7. Logging GPS Tracking Device for Cars   
  8. Gps car tracker online with dialing function

How To Pick The Best Car Tracker?

A Global Positioning System (GPS) tracker is a device that is most often carried either by a moving car or person. It uses GPS to track and locate the car or person’s precise location at intervals.

It can also store the recorded location data within the tracking unit or transmit it to a central location database or a computer that is connected to the Internet, that is, using a phone (SMS or GPRS), satellite modem or radio.

Fleet operators commonly use GPS car trackers for fleet management functions such as routing, fleet tracking, on-board information, security, and dispatching. Urban transit agencies also use such technology, along with commercial fleet operators, for purposes that include triggering changes in a destination for a bus, monitoring schedule adherence of buses in service, and prompting pre-recorded announcements for passengers.

However, nowadays, it is not just companies using this device. Even individuals who want to further monitor their own vehicles can readily experience the wonders of this device. For them, it is about getting alerts in cases of possible car theft, actual car theft, and for parents, it is to check on their kids about how well or bad they use and drive the car.

Tracking devices for cars comes in different models with all kind of features. If you couldn’t decide yet on which car tracker is best for you, check out our comparison guide for GPS tracking devices for cars. Also, when choosing the best GPS tracker for car ask yourself the following questions:

Do I Want A Car Real Time GPS Tracker ?

Do I always want to be able to check the position of my car? If your answer is yes, choose one of the tracking devices for cars that supports real time tracking. Most of the car trackers we selected do provide real time tracking, but not all of them. So decide if this feature is important to you in a GPS tracker for car.

How Important Is Car Tracker Battery Life To Me?

The battery life of a car gps tracker last lasts for days (ex.g. the Trackmate hidden tracker for car ), more than 2 weeks (ex.g. the Spy Tec best car tracker), and even up to a month (ex.g. the SPOT Trace car tracking device ). However, never base your decision on batter life only, since a battery can easily be charged every other day, if necessary. Check out how important car tracker battery life is to you compared to other features while choosing the best car tracker.

Power Supply Failure Alert Of  You Car GPS Tracker

Car tracking devices are great if they work well! We just talked about the battery life of your car tracker and in that regard a power supply failure alert may be a gift! Most tracking devices for cars we listed have this option. Check this feature as well as the battery life of your new vehicle tracker .

Tracking Devices For Cars With Zone Alert Tell You When Your Car Leaves An Area!

Maybe you lend your car to your teenager so he or she can visit a friend or attend a party. Maybe you want to know if your partner really went to the appointment he or she talked mentioned? Or maybe you just want to have a backup alert system in case your car gets stolen? Gps tracking devices for cars can help you in all these cases! The secret word is: zone alert. Through the zone alert of your car tracking device you define a certain area. If your car leaves that area you will get alarmed through your phone by sms or email. 

Get Speed And Inactivity Alerts For Car Trackers

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have some sort of tool to monitor the driving behavior of those that occasionally driving with your car?Commercial fleet companies perform fleet tracking since a long time, gathering data on driving locations and behaviour. Well, as a private person you can do the same for your  teenager’s car, the car of your spouse or employee! There are several tracking devices for cars offering this feature, for example. The speed alert feature is especially interesting if you have teenager kids and want to have a better insight in their driving behaviour. The inactivity alert can be a warning in case your kid or partner should be driving while the car isn’t moving. In this case, a vehicle tracker is an early warning tool so you can investigate and if everything’s fine.

What Is The GPS Car Tracker History Log?

If you want to be able to consult your past car tracker data, this is a feature you should pay attention to. Gps car tracker history ranges from 100 hour of driving time (ex.g. JLM GPS vehicle tracking device )over 180 days (ex.g. the Trackmate hidden tracker for car , to over one year (ex.g. the Spy Tec best car tracker ). But consider also other features that are important for you before you nail one of these as the best car tracker for you!

Make Sure You Are Aware Of Any Extra Costs

Some car trackers have monthly fees or other subscriptions that you must purchase with the tracker, for example if you have a monitored alarm.

Our experts can make sure that there are no hidden surprises when you purchase your tracker.

Cost Benefit

The cost of deployment of off the shelf GPS solutions has dramatically decreased over the past several years. The prevalence of the technology combined with competitive market forces has helped to significantly reduce the costs of these solutions. Furthermore, the positive return-on-investment associated with these solutions (through increased employee productivity, reduced fleet costs and overall customer satisfaction) alters the economic equation for the level of increased adoption. Many GPS based software solutions that are deployed today embrace cloud technology, thereby further reducing the operational complexities and costs associated with deploying a GPS based solution. These turn-key solutions allow small businesses to swiftly and easily deploy GPS based solutions that will provide them much greater management control over the assets within their organizations.

Deployment of an off the shelf GPS solution is a way for companies to increase worker productivity, fleet utilization and customer satisfaction. At the same time these solutions allow for the reduction of operating costs as well as diminished potential liabilities. The development of a cost benefit analysis in this environment is far more simplistic than it was several years ago when there were limited options available on the solutions side of the GPS equation.


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